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Working Internationally in the field of NLP, it is Meena’s passion and her role to help delegates and clients to create transformational mindset changes, making improvements in all areas of life and working to eliminate the most common problems, such as:

Why be at the effect of your emotions, like you have no choice? You can choose to create choices about how you feel and thus feel differently, creating the life you want. Eliminating unwanted feelings is a choice and human accelerated change is one of the best choices you can make! Under the guidance and coaching of Meena, you will be empowered to gain life changing results, and all you are required to do is follow simple instructions.

As a NLP Consultant, Coach and Therapist, the client outcome is quite different from the traditional counselling or therapy; it’s about helping clients transform the thought processes from negative and unproductive states to outcomes that are positive and focused behaviours, which are long lasting, as long as the client focuses on what they want!

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About me

Meena comes from a traditional Corporate, Project Management and Information Technology background. As well as gaining considerable experience in the corporate world, Meena spent year’s trialling different career paths to find out what she truly wanted to do with her life. Eventually Meena found her forte, to set up her own Training, Consulting, Coaching and Therapy Business, to assist others in empowering and transforming their lives, especially after the challenges she faced with her own personal life; dealing with her own depression, anxiety, trauma’s and phobia’s. Eliminating these during her own transformational sessions, changed her life tremendously so she can help others to have the success, empowerment, real life results and much more!

These various tools and techniques are drawn from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Meena forms a tailored and powerful approach, designed specifically for her client’s needs. These techniques can be used to make changes in the client’s life swiftly. It is the powerful and pioneering journey to experience.